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Niklas Dauber ontwerper

I work at Mei because of the great transformation projects and the innovative concepts they design here.

My favorite building is the Architecture University in Nantes designed by Lacaton & Vassal. The whole building is set up like a carpark with a huge ramp which connects the building and leads from the ground level to the rooftop. In the inside are multiple split-levels which create different connections of smaller and bigger rooms. The building is made out of concrete and translucent multiwall sheets which can be opened like a garage gate so that the building connects quite well with its surroundings like the Loire.

I am proud of finishing my studies and started to work in a foreign country.

Niklas finished his Bachelor degree in Architecture at the Bergische Universität Wuppertal, and his Masters degree at the Münster School of Architecture. He did an exchange semester in France at the école nationale supérieure d’architecture de Nantes (ENSA Nantes) and has worked at some smaller architecture offices in Germany during his studies. He graduated during Covid19 and applied at the right time at Mei.