I work at Mei because the character of this office is the closest to my heart. People who work here create a great atmosphere which is a must-have to enjoy your work. Moreover, Mei projects are great to develop teamwork skills and learn more about a way of thinking in architecture. Special thanks to people creating this place.

My favorite building is Bruder Klaus Field Chapel, created by Peter Zumthor. This architectural piece is almost sculptural in essence. One may consider it as a large sculpture that you can enter to pray to God or simply meditate in. Peter Zumthor says that ”In order to design buildings with a sensuous connection to life, one must think in a way that goes far beyond form and construction”

I am proud of myself for achieving my successes and overcoming my failures. I am proud of the opportunities that exist these days and for my courage in the challenges being undertaken.

Jan graduated at the Faculty of Architecture at the Poznań University of technology in Poland.