junior designer

I work at Mei because of the quality of the transformation projects designed with respect and attention towards the history of the existing buildings.

My favorite building is Coal Drops Yard by Heatherwick Studio.The project is about the refurbishment of two coal industries from the 1850s.  The new design is one continuous structure, built with a new upper story that shapes the identity of the yard below. The particularity of this project is the design of two curved facades which meets in the middle of the two buildings above the yard below.

I am very proud of the professional and personal achievements of the last years, meaning obtaining a master degree from one of the most recognized universities in Europe and joining and winning the european competition of Solar Decathlon Europe.

Fatima obtained her bachelor degree in Architecture at the Politecnico di Torino in Italy, with a year of Erasmus at the ENSA in France and her master degree in Building Technology at the faculty of architecture of TU Delft.