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Diana Dragan architect | projectleider

I work at Mei because I enjoy being part of a team that designs adaptive re-use with a focus on the community, flexibility and sustainability all the while saving and honoring the urban and architectural heritage.

My favorite building is the FRAC in Dunkerque because of the way the cathedral-like original boat warehouse is mimicked by an eerie light version of itself while remaining almost entirely untouched. The twin buildings manage to have their own character, one bearing a history and impressive monumental inner space designed mostly for large scale exhibitions and events and the other one offering an efficient structure for flexible and experimental platforms under a soft bioclimatic envelope that lights up at night.

I am most proud of the projects I have been involved in so far while working on the conversion of the Alter Schlachthof in Karlsruhe into a hub for the creative industries, including the start-up center Perfekt Futur and the multifunctional plug and play event hall Fleischmarkthalle, which have both been awarded multiple architecture prizes.


After completing her studies at KIT (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, DE) in 2009, Diana worked as a project-leading architect at Karlsruher Fächer GmbH and took active part in the conversion of the Alter Schlachthof (the old regional slaughter yard) to an area of offices and workshops for the creative industries. The Alter Schlachthof currently serves as home of over 150 companies and has become a lively part of the city, the premises of several festivals and events, attracting many visitors and groups of professionals. In December 2020 she took the leap to Rotterdam to join the Mei team.