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Surmount Style+Copy

Het project ‘De vier werelden’ is gepubliceerd in het Chinees/Engelse boek ‘Surmount Copy+Style’ uitgegeven door Hong Kong Architecture Science Press.

In het voorwoord schrijft de redactie:

‘What’s the latest residential design in western developed countries and which direction they are moving forward when many residential designers are busy copying indiscriminately Italian, French, British and American styles?
To fix the crux of residences in China and provide a new thinking style for designers to break the replication of copying styles, we collect 84 world’s typical residential designs such as high-end residences in international metropolitans like New York, London, Paris, Tokyo, etc., along with mid-range, economic residences in developed countries to fully demonstrate the latest trend in the world. These projects are unique architecture with harmony between form and function, not only focusing on daylighting, views, ventilation, public and exterior spaces of residences, but manifesting the modern residential design trend is towards green, ecology, intensivism, science and technology, reflecting diversity, multeity and organism of architectural concept elements. The book summarizes and analyzes each project to bring a fresh thinking about the most advanced residential designs (totally 84) in the world for residential designers lingering in the replication of copying styles, helping them break it out, fully realize people-oriented and harmoniously integrate man into nature.’