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Top 5 Circularity at Mei

In the Week of Circular Economy, we shared our top 5 circular projects. New values are deeply rooted in our identity, as we believe that architects can and should play an important role in creating a healthy and shared living environment.

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No. 5: Spaardersbad, Gouda

This former public swimming pool was transformed into a residential building with amazing subtropical courtyard garden. Many characteristic elements are effectively reused in the interiors: original tiles, old dressing booths and clothes racks, and in one of the houses the diving board now functions as a bar!

Read more about the Spaardersbad here.

No. 4: Jobsveem, Rotterdam

When transforming the former warehouse and national monument Jobsveem into a mixed-use building with working, living and commercial facilities, we managed to preserve almost the entire original building. The only new structural additions were the three light courts and the rooftop penthouses.

Read more about the Jobsveem here.

Voorgevel van Jobsveem bij daglicht. Auto's staan geparkeerd voor het gebouw.

No. 3: Cheese Warehouse, Gouda

Notice the cladding on the facades in the atrium of the transformed Cheese Warehouse? By specially treating the original cheese boards – used to ripen the cheese wheels for over 100 years – they met all fire regulations and could be completely reused! Circularity in this project is not only for sustainability and cost-effectivity reasons but it also ensures that history is preserved.

Read more about the Cheese Warehouse

Frontaal beeld genomen vanuit het atrium, kijkend op de gevel met gallerijen

No. 2: 25kV, Rotterdam

For this second-last project of our circular top 5, we’re introducing one of our newest circular designs. Commissioned by Dudok Groep, we are upgrading the 25kV building in Rotterdam. Fun fact: 25kV was one of our very first transformations at the Lloydkwartier, in the beginning of this century!

The new 25kV will fit today’s generation’s wishes towards a healthier and more flexible building. Starting with more greenery: the current glass pantries in the façade of the building will be circular reused as plant boxes! Soon more about this project…

Read more about the first transformation of 25kV here.

Avondfoto van het exterieur van 25kV. Licht schijnt door de glazen gevel heen.
Impressie van het interieur van de glazen gevel na transformatie. Veel plantenbakken in het zicht.

No. 1: SAWA, Rotterdam

Talking of circularity, SAWA has it all. The pioneering circular concept of SAWA proves that a better and more sustainable way of building really is possible. The CLT bearing construction can be dismounted and reused in the future, and the same goes for the installations. By using dry ballast instead of concrete in the floors, all floor components are fully circular, and the materials can be detached, replaced and reused in the future.

Read more about SAWA here.

SAWA westgevel Kratonkade

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