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Groundbreaking ceremony Max & Moore through livestream

The sustainable office complex Max & Moore on the Asterweg in Amsterdam has been sold. Amundi Real Estate becomes the owner of the 9,800 m2 complex, which was designed by Mei, commissioned by Being and COD. Max & Moore is expected to be completed in the fourth quarter of 2021.

Max & Moore consists of two interconnected buildings with a floor area of ​​7,000 m2 and 2,800 m2. The design was created in collaboration with DELVA Landscape Architecture / Urbanism and MOSS, and is characterized as robust and chic. With attention to the interplay of the industrial character of Buiksloterham and green experience, the design seeks to connect with the environment. The public restaurant (500 m2) will also become a meeting place for users, local residents and visitors. In addition, there is a strong focus on sustainability, nature and health.

The new office complex is equipped with a high-quality ventilation and air treatment system to promote the well-being of users. Green outdoor areas, roof terraces and double-height patios contribute to a healthy working climate, stimulate the biodiversity of the city, and connect the complex and users with the environment. The special location on the water of the Tolhuis Canal further contributes to the nature experience.

Max & Moore heralds the first phase of a larger redevelopment of an obsolete business park on the Asterweg in Buiksloterham. In the second phase, a diverse mix of functions, mainly housing, will be added. Disassembly of the old buildings started in early 2020, with materials being reused as much as possible. Until then, the venue was used by pop-up venue Oumuamua, an initiative of Space Encounters. In the coming years, the area in which Max & Moore will be realized, between Overhoeks and the NDSM shipyard, will develop into a circular city district, focused on living and working.

Bas van Dam, Director Being: “We are extremely proud to once again be able to contribute to the further development of Buiksloterham: one of the most promising and emerging neighborhoods in Amsterdam. In our view, Max & Moore contributes to a sustainable and positive renewal of this special part of the city.”

Gert Wim Bos, Director COD: “Max & Moore responds to the growing need for high-quality and sustainable new office buildings in Amsterdam. It provides suitable and flexible housing for both the creative sector and business services.”

Being and COD will give the symbolic start signal for the construction of Max & Moore on Wednesday 22 July. Those interested can follow the groundbreaking ceremony live on July 22 from 4 pm via this link.