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SAWA geselecteerd voor de ICONIC AWARDS 2021

Another great news for SAWA: the innovative residential building has been selected in the ‘Concept’ category at the ICONIC AWARDS for Innovative Architecture 2021, awarded by the German Design Council.

“SAWA: the first fully wooden residential building reaching a height of 50 m in Rotterdam. Exceptional to SAWA is that it will be built entirely in CLT (cross-laminated timber) to optimise circularity and CO2 reduction. The building is distinguished by the generous green terraces, with which it enhances the neighbourhood’s biodiversity. SAWA comprises approximately 100 homes, 50 of which are mid-rent apartments. The housing concept is enriched by various solutions for shared use. SAWA will be an example project for new generations, an important step in the sustainability goals and provide demonstrable evidence that things can be done differently.”

The ICONIC AWARDS is an international competition for architects and designers, awarded by the German Design Council. The award focusses on innovation and the interplay of different disciplines. Mei previously won the ICONIC AWARDS for Fenix I in Rotterdam and the Cheese Warehouse in Gouda. The award ceremony is planned in oktober this year.