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Movement brings space to life – Gouwekerk

Movement brings space to life

De Gouwekerk in Gouda is a protected monument in the heart of Gouda with a short history. A relatively new church that dates from 1902 at the time of the Catholic Emancipation. Many prominent churches were built at that time and so was de Gouwekerk by DPW Dessing. Until today the church is even the highest point of Gouda, about 80 meters. In the seventies the church was sold, but no longer used intensively. Only doping meetings took place. As a result, the church was put up for sale again. White House Development is now the owner who, together with Mei, has great plans for this beautiful characteristic Gothic basilica.

The public interior, of enormous proportions with a height of about 20 meters, has a construction to get as much light in the Gothic church as possible. This spatial structure offers many opportunities for a multifunctional future that will consist of temporary and permanent programming. Events at national level such as theater, musicals, Christmas markets and even an ice rink will take place at this iconic location. Entertainment becomes the leading function of de Gouwekerk.

“Movement brings space to life”

“Fitting flexible and movable elements contributes to maintaining the spaciousness and flexibility of de Gouwekerk”.

In order to be able to realize multifunctionality, various architectural interventions will be made to make the flexibility for small and larger events possible. Several floors will be added in the aisles and more intimate spaces, intended for meetings or workplaces, will be created. Some floors will be movable that can be used in different setups. This preserves the spaciousness in the church. The use of LED glass as a partition also becomes an important element to preserve the spaciousness and visibility through the church.

There will also be glass boxes made in the ‘secret’ rooms that are located above the entrance of the church. These glass boxes will be used as a hotel room, with a beautiful view in the church. Another part of the hotel and restaurant will be made in the presbytery. In addition to creating new (intimate) spaces in the form of hotel, meeting places and party rooms, we ensure that the ‘upper world’ of the church gets its value. The old hood with beautiful trusses will be made accessible by a hydraulic lift and by climbing a little further you will come under the tower, where a platform with impressive views is located.

Soon more about this project!