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Lecture: INCLUDED – A plea for Integral Environmental Quality

On Tuesday 7 February, Robert Winkel will give his views on the ‘reset of housing’ during a lecture (in Dutch) at the AIA Alkmaar. Based on the book Included, he argues for more openness and integral environmental quality. He explains how Mei’s core values lead to ‘people buildings’: serving buildings in which the needs of the neighbourhood and residents are central. Using SAWA, the first real wooden residential building now being built in Rotterdam, as a pioneering example.

More information and tickets via this link.

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La prévente de “Included” a commencé

Après une période intensive de préparation, les presses tournent et la prévente d’Included a officiellement commencé ! Réservez dès maintenant votre exemplaire, signé par Robert Winkel, avec une réduction de…

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