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High-rise building webinar now online

On 28 January, AORTA architecture center and the Province of Utrecht organized a webinar about the opportunities and challenges of different forms of high-rise building. How can building higher offer a solution to the high demand for housing?

Utrecht is one of the fastest growing provinces in the Netherlands and the need for housing will continue to increase in the coming years. High buildings can contribute to solving the housing shortage. But how do we ensure that high-rise buildings are attractive to live and live in and which locations are suitable? How can government and private parties work together on a project with room for input from residents? How do we keep it affordable and ensure a good balance between purchase, rent and social housing, while responding to the housing needs of different target groups? And what role does the province play in this task?

Watch the full webinar below (in Dutch). Robert Winkel’s fragment starts at minute 42:27, about the development of the SAWA high-rise project in Rotterdam.

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