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Gouda Cheese Warehouse wins Dutch Steel Award 2018!

We are very proud to announce that our project Gouda Cheese Warehouse has won the Dutch Steel Award 2018!

We received the award in the category ‘residential building’ during the ‘Staalbouwdag’  in IJmuiden organized by Bouwen met Staal.

From the jury report:

“The structural adaptation of the steel structure of the old cheese warehouse is just as minimal as ingenious. With a meticulous support construction, a concrete deck could be poured on the wooden floor to prevent sound transfer between the new dwellings. Inventive engineering work leads to less major interventions to save and preserve the national monument and also convert it into lofts. The steel structure in the atrium to make the new homes accessible has been designed and constructed with care and respect for the old buildings. The use of old materials and references to cheese history are commendable. This kind of charm and thoughtful adaptations to give monumental buildings a second life, leads to choose the Gouda Cheese Warehouse as winner of the Dutch Steel Award for Residential Buildings.”

Many thanks to our great team members: Pieters Bouwtechniek, White House Development, Vergeer Bouw, Viets Staalconstructie.