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De Fabriek Delfshaven in running for Building of the Year

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Mei has entered the project De Fabriek Delfshaven for the Building of the Year prize in the category Quality of Life and Social Cohesion. De Fabfriek Delfshaven is an excellent example of this, as it has improved the quality of life in the neighbourhood.

De Fabriek has proven to be a huge success and is so much in demand that all commercial units were let to occupants quickly, and there is still a waiting list today. A contributing factor is no doubt that the building possesses a strong identity, not in the least owing to its central location in Delfshaven. De Fabriek responds optimally to the needs of people working in the knowledge economy. Many people who have found their place in De Fabriek were previously located in more peripherally located commercial buildings in Rotterdam. In addition, tenants are not tied to long rental contracts but have a two-month period of notice. Moreover, the success of amenities for the neighbourhood, such as an Indonesian restaurant, a pancake restaurant, a yoga studio, a school of singing and a creative out-of-school facility for children, characterise the firm local anchoring of De Fabriek.

But architecture has also played an important role in the success by adding value to the building. The positioning of an atrium between De Fabriek and the units brings light and air deep into the building and also creates a shared heart. Look at the entry here.

* Best Building of the Year 2014 is a prize awarded by the Royal Association of Dutch Architects (BNA) to architecture firms that provide value for both clients and society.