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Very nice, all those breathtaking projects of Mei... But how are things going behind the scenes? What does the office look like and what kind of people produce these remarkable designs? On this page you can take a look into our cool office in our sturdy Schiecentrale building and experience what a day at Mei looks like: designing, scrumming, visiting project sites and enjoying a fresh lunch with the team. We love to work, but we also take time for events, inspiring Mei Talks or a game of table soccer.
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Vacancy: Junior designer (NL)

Vacancy: Technical designer / BIM-modeller (NL)

Carmen Aanen-Meuldijk

office & HR manager

Curious? Please come along for a cup of coffee or join our lunch (or Zoom, for the time being). You can call me at +31 10 4252222 or send me an email. See you soon!


Vacancy: Learning & Development manager (NL)

Vacancy: Project architect

Behind the scenes:

Architect behind this mask!

Team Mei is working from home during COVID-19
Behind the scenes:


From redevelopment to urban development strategies and innovative new-build concepts

Interview with Ceylan

Ceylan Yazici

Hi Ceylan, you have been working at Mei as an intern since September. How do you like it?
It’s great! I’d been following Mei on Instagram for a while, so I knew the agency is working on cool projects. But the team and the working method really appeal to me. The people are very nice, there’s a relaxed yet proffessional vibe and we often go on trips; for example, last week I went to get falafel with Robert and Remko after a project visit. There isn’t a strict hierarchy, because everyone treats each other equally and doesn’t mind explaining things. You are taken seriously and not treated as an “intern”.

What does your day look like?
Most of the time, I work on SAWA. I personally like that very much, because I hope to do more with wood construction later. The first priority is of course that I achieve my learning goals from the study program, together with the project supervisors, we select which tasks match those goals. In addition, I learn how to work with Revit, and I am invited to attend many meetings. I think that’s great, because that’s where you gain the most knowledge. It is very diverse.

You started in corona time. What are you most looking forward to when the office reopens?
I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone again, joking around with colleagues and just being able to ask people small questions more quickly. And of course I’m looking forward to French Fries Thursday!

Interview with Fatima

Fatima el Hadji

Hi Fatima, you started in January as trainee, but now you’re our junior designer. Do you notice a big difference?
Not really, actually. I started the traineeship after getting my master’s degree, but since I already had quite a bit of knowledge, it quickly became more specialized and I was given more responsibilities. That shifted very naturally into a junior position.

What attracts you to working at Mei?
I especially like the transformation projects. I think it is great to see how Mei works with the ‘soul’ of the building and keeps the different time layers visible. In order to achieve the best result, we’re often working together as a team. That happens in a Dutch manner; ‘gezellig’ but to-the-point. Everyone has their own skills and it is nice to see that your contribution is really appreciated.

What has been your best experience at Mei so far?
The fact that I could go to Marseille was really a great opportunity. Because French is one of my native languages, I was able to contribute to an important presentation not only technically but also linguistically. It kind of feels like an exchange; I’m learning Dutch from my colleagues, and at the same time I can give something back through my own background.

Behind the scenes:

Competition Kom BIJ Mei

Who designs the best biodiverse product?

Daily lunch

Do you want to have lunch with Mei? (after corona)
At our XXL lunch table we enjoy a fresh joint lunch with the whole team every day - when we're back in the office again. Do you want to join our lunch? Call Carmen, and explain her why you want to get to know Mei. Maybe we will meet you soon, when everything is back to 'normal' again.
Behind the scenes:

Team excursion

Mei tour to WEST507