We are Mei!
Very nice, all those breathtaking projects of Mei... But how are things going behind the scenes? What does the office look like and what kind of people produce these remarkable designs? On this page you can take a look into our cool office and experience what a day at Mei looks like.
Check it out and get to know us a little better, and maybe you also want to work at Mei!

Project architect


Carmen Aanen-Meuldijk

Office & HR manager

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Behind the scenes:


Testing our newest project with the Oculus Rift
Behind the scenes:

Mei loves video

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Interview with Chiel

Chiel Bikker

Hey Chiel, how do you like working at Mei?
‘A good atmosphere is very important for me. I like the informal atmosphere at Mei. All colleagues are very concerned, everybody knows what’s going on. I also enjoy to play football and have a drink with colleagues after work. And sometimes playing some relaxing music during work’
What is your favorite Mei project that you have contributed to?
‘I definitely learned most from Scye010, but I prefered working on Gouda Orphanage, A unique ensemble with a rich history, and a challeging puzzle to fit in a new program’
What who you recommend people who want to work at Mei?
‘You have to be a little flexible and be able to work in a dynamic office’
Last question: Mei in three words?
‘Young, informal and dynamic.’

Behind the scenes:

Making models

3 x 3 meter
Behind the scenes:

project architect - a week at Mei

You start the week on Monday morning with the weekly planning. You will work on multiple projects this week. For a transformation project, you schedule a scrum session with the internal design team on Tuesday to solve an important design issue. For another project, you are in consultation with the implementing parties on the construction site about the aesthetic supervision. To arrange a smooth process for a building permit request for a new project, you have an appointment with the municipality on Wednesday. Sometimes you go out alone, sometimes you accompany a senior architect. You lead a team of junior architects to make several design studies. In the meantime you consult the PR team about the publication of a project that you have contributed to. Dynamic working days, but you also enjoy some rest during the daily fresh, joint lunch. At the end of the week you made significant progress in your projects, and together with the client, you made an important decision. Maybe this is a good time to have a drink with your colleagues or play a game of table football.

Behind the scenes:

Site visit

Construction site of Fenix I
Behind the scenes:

Team excursion 2018

Antwerp here we come

Daily lunch

Do you want to have lunch with Mei?
At our XXL lunch table we enjoy a fresh joint lunch with the whole team every day. Do you want to join our lunch? Call Carmen, and explain her why you want to get to know Mei. Maybe we will meet you soon.
Behind the scenes:

Archicup 2018

Winner poule A!