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Youri Vijzelman architect | project lead

I work at Mei because Mei’s work shows what cities need in the 21st century. Sawa is a striking example of this in which proven techniques come together in a groundbreaking social, spatial and economically sustainable plan.

My favorite building is by all means one that has a strong relationship with urban life. There are many examples of this, but the Sendai Mediatheque designed by Toyo Ito is great. With the glass elevators, you experience the city and the greenery from different levels in a special way. From the outside, the glass building reflects the large trees during the day, and at dusk, the liveliness of the public building becomes part of street life.

I am most proud of Mei and Robert Winkel’s commitment to an inclusive and sustainable city. Inclusive in the sense of a city for everyone regardless of origin, cultural background, gender, age, or limitations. Sustainable as in future-proof, built from renewable materials, harboring nature and with respect for the historical layers of the city.

Youri studied Building Engineering at the University of Applied Sciences in Utrecht, after which he attended the Academy of Architecture in Arnhem. Youri has a great appreciation and passion for the dynamics of urban life. He worked at various offices in the Netherlands, Japan, and Vietnam, including RAU Architects in Amsterdam and Vo Trong Nghia Architects in HCMC. Before joining Mei, he built up more than five years of experience as a project architect at BurtonHamfelt in Amsterdam, where he worked on urban assignments on various scales in all phases of the design process.