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Robert Winkel founded Mei architects and planners in 2003 and is the office’s energetic leader. He is ambitious and enterprising both inside and outside the office.

Fascinated by history, Robert regularly guides visitors around the Lloydkwartier area to talk about the origins and development of the Schiecentrale building, and the role played by Mei in its transformation. In addition to sharing his expertise, Winkel is active in the field of education, where he gives lectures and classes and tutors students. In 2011 he oversaw the publication of a special edition of the Meikrant, which had as its theme: ‘Mei writes history’. Robert Winkel is also one of the co-founders of ArchiNed and of Selectienet.

Robert has a love of the craftsmanship involved in treating and finishing materials, as reflected in his solid understanding of (industrial) production processes. This is illustrated by details such as the screen of woven stainless steel applied to the Schiecentrale 4B building in Rotterdam and the panels of the Gnome parkinggarage in Almere. He also designs and makes his own leather shoes, and loves to make his own traditional sausage, which he then places to dry in a storage unit, made of composite materials developed by Mei, located opposite his home on the gallery on the top floor of the Schiecentrale 4B building. Are you curious about this screen of woven stainless steel or about the storage units made of composites? We would be delighted to tell you more. Phone or email us to make an appointment. The Mei office is located in the Schiecentrale 4B building, so we would be glad to show you around!

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