I work by Mei because I am busy oriëntering and finding my likes and dislikes withing architecture and building science. Mei gives great opportunity’s to discover the profession of architect and gain experience within the field.

My favorite building is villa Batlló made by Gaudi, Many elements, especially parts of the building structure, in de villa appear to be similiar tot he atonomy of an animal or even a beast. Not only gives this an organic and outerworldly feel to the building. It also reminds us that the structural integraty of our buidings is based on nature and our environment itself.

I am most proud of my enthusiasm which fuels my work ethic within Architecture and pushes my to my limits. If you can’t shut up about your field of study or work, you are in the right place. 😉

Rianne recieved her Bachelors diploma from the TU Delft last year and also completed the Bachelor Honours Programme. After her time at Mei, Rianne will start her master at the TU Delft.