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Remko Eppink technisch designer | project lead

I work at Mei because Mei’s focus on transformation projects is in line with my interest in combining the old and the new. The attention to materialisation and detail is also an element that intrigues me.

My favorite building is the ROC of Twente (De Gieterij) located in Hengelo. Here, the foundry of the old machine factory functions as the heart of the school.

I am proud of the knowledge that I’ve obtained during my time in college and at work, as well as the opportunity that Mei has given me to develop myself further in this field.

After obtaining his Bachelor degree of Architecture in Enschede, Remko graduated for the Master in Architecture from the TU in Delft. He worked as an architect at Macanoo for over year, before he started his current position at Mei architects and planners.