BIM coördinator/ architect

I work at Mei because I am incredibly interested in Mei’s renovation and regeneration projects. European cities are not able to grow outward much longer, but instead need to look at transforming existing building and sites inside of a city to cater for new needs. I think Mei over the years has shown many innovative approaches to transforming all kinds of heritage buildings into new cityscapes, and I am eager to work at Mei on projects to come.

My favourite building is probably Therme Vals by Peter Zumthor. I visited this building about 10 years ago and was enchanted by the atmosphere inside, and the way the building invited you to experience space, water, light and air in all different forms. What most amazed me was that the building seemed to put everybody attending into a happy and relaxed state, and that architecture had the power to do this.

I am most proud of my time at the start-up BILT. Here we tried to come up with a building system and design approach to allow people to create more personal and durable architecture in an easy way, and to streamline the building process along the way. It has taught me that in order to create change in the way we build, we need to look at the entirety of the building chain to make things smarter, and more well-fitted.

Max graduated four years ago from TU-Delft on affordable housing schemes in Ethiopia. He worked at different architecture offices as a designer, and as an interior designer for a large coffee brand. Max also partook in a start-up, trying to come up with a new approach to building through a modular, prefabricated building system.