junior architect

I work at Mei because the office develops a lot of depth in their approach to inner-city transformation and cultural heritage. Integral projects in which the identity of the building is given a chance to develop and becomes an enrichment of the context and community. The diversity in their portfolio and knowledge within the company offers a unique opportunity to grow as an architect.

My favourite building is a derivative of my fascination with arches. The Pallazo Della Civiltá Italiana in Rome is a modern representation of the classical Roman-Italian art of building. Commissioned and built in a period of continental turmoil the building celebrates the portico. This ingenious and typological building technique has dominated our built environment for centuries and probably for centuries to come. Simple but elegant.

I’m most proud of my attempt to connect architecture and word. Architecture is mainly based on the image and the drawing, but text is an equally strong medium that should be given more attention. Words and sentences with stories as a derivative of the narrative can have an enormous impact on the design assignment. In my spare time, I write short stories and poetry.

Before joining Mei, Marcus studied architecture at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and then obtained his master’s degree in architecture at the Delft University of Technology.