I work at Mei because transformation of existing buildings plays a big part in the office’s portfolio. Working on these projects, with having a constant dialogue between old and new, makes you rethink the life-cycle of our built environment. These buildings hold information about cultural, social, economic and technical stand points of that particular moment in time. I like Mei’s relationship towards this sensitive topic as well as their attention to detail.

My favorite building is Therme Vals from Peter Zumthor. This is the perfect example of a highly sensational building. It evokes all of the senses through its visuals, tactility, and sound effects. Materialization plays an important role in this project. Water and light create and divide the inner space.

I am proud of my decision to study architecture, since it gives me an overview of so many different topics and thus makes working in this field so much more interdisciplinary. I am also proud of my decision to continue my studies abroad. While on this journey, I met people from many different backgrounds, learned about other cultures, and studied new languages. This experience has taught me a lot about myself and has changed my attitude towards “new” and “different”.

Katarina finished her Bachelor’s degree in Architecture in Belgrade, Serbia, and received her Master’s degree in Architecture from the TU Vienna in Austria.