technical architect

I work at Mei because of the large variety of projects. Ranging from new built to delicate revitalisation of older building stock. Bringing old and new together, giving a new lease of life to a historic building while making it suitable for the present and future.

My favorite building is the Seagram Building designed by Mies van der Rohe.

I am most proud of the diverse studies I’ve taken and design related interests I’ve developed. This knowledge empowers me every day to get better as a (technical) architect.

After studying at the Design Academy for two years, Jelle made the switch to study architecture at the TU Delft, being more suited to fit together his technical fascination with design. After working as a freelance (graphic) designer during his studies, Jelle started as a Junior Architect, working at a family firm and cepezed before arriving at Mei Architects to further develop himself.