I work at Mei because I have a passion for transformation projects. With transformation, you can preserve historical values ​​and the character of a place, and provide a new impulse at the same time. I also find the technical challenge and detailing of a transformation project very interesting.

My favorite building, I don’t necessarily have one. I like to get inspired by a wide range of projects. Examples of projects that I get inspired by are Hotel Jakarta because of the timber construction and the green atrium, and the transformation project LocHal in Tilburg, because of the beautiful combination of old elements from the locomotive hall and the new elements.

I am most proud of two of my private projects: the renovation of two old houses, which my boyfriend and I have completely renovated all by ourselves. We now live in one of those two, a 1930s house.

Danique finished her master’s degree in architecture at the TU Delft in 2018. She worked at Powerhouse Company for 2 years and at a small developer for 8 months, before joining Mei in April 2021.