junior designer

I work at Mei because of the office’s combined interest and expertise in both reusing existing building stock and lowering the demand for new buildings, as well as the emphasis on circular and adaptable building in the case of newly built projects.

My favorite building is a future-proof building: one that is durable, circular where necessary, and able to adapt to changing needs. Van Nelle, an icon of Rotterdam, is a great example of such a project.

I am most proud of the wide range of projects, organizations, and roles I worked on before, during, and after my studies, as well as the key lessons I learned from those projects. The most recent being my graduation project: a circular transformation of a former oil-related port area to a lively, mixed-use neighborhood.

CV: Coen graduated in 2021 at TU Delft, in the studio ‘Architectural Engineering, and did an internship at designbureau De Zwarte Hond, Rotterdam.