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Ceylan Yazici designer

I work at Mei because I like how the company deals with both new construction and transformation projects. An interesting combination where I can learn a lot as an intern because of the diversity of the projects. During my first acquaintance with the company I immediately felt that it was going well. Good communication, nice people and a good atmosphere in the office. I feel that I am going to learn a lot here, and I am very grateful that Mei offers me this opportunity.

My favourite building is de Meelfabriek in Leiden. Because I come from Leiden myself, and regularly drive past de Meelfabriek, the plan to preserve and transform de Meelfabriek is something that could not be much better in my view. It really is a building that characterizes Leiden, and keeping it is good for everyone.

I am most proud of: the development that I have made in the recent years, and I hope that by working for Mei, I can gain a lot of knowledge in the theoretical field as well as in the real working field.

Ceylan started at the lower general secondary education, after which he moved up to the higher general secondary education. He is currently in his third year of the engineering degree program in the Hague, and hopes to continue studying after completing his bachelor’s degree, to eventually become an architect.