I work at Mei because it is an office that will never stop developing. Mei architects will always adapt to and move with the current demand in the architecture field, especially with innovation in redevelopment, transformation and sustainability. This encourages my enthusiasm and nourishes my motivation to develop myself into a successful architect.

My favorite building is Casa de Vidro by Lina Bo Bardi, a beautiful glass buidling, built like a tree house, in the midst of the jungle.

I am most proud of my drive to keep developing myself continuously and to always take on new challenges. I have been able to gain many incredible experiences in the workplace by always bringing my A-game.

After completing her pre-university education, Bente worked as a trainee at the architectural firm Studioninedots in Amsterdam. She traveled alone for six months through countries such as Vietnam, Indonesia and Thailand, and then started working as a freelance draftsman at E-Conic in Amsterdam, specialized in making e-homes more sustainable and creating. Bente is currently in the 3rd year of her Bachelor of Architecture at Delft University of Technology, after which she will start a master’s degree in Architecture.