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Bart Siemens talent & performance

From a fresh and critical point of view, Bart provides structure within Mei. He guides the recruitment process of applicants, and shapes our internal training program ‘Mei Academy’. By asking questions, he keeps Mei’s method of working sharp and makes sure that everyone can develop themselves in an optimal manner.

Mei’s approach centers on three themes: Ambition, Growth and Together. Click on the articles below to find out how these themes translate into our work.

Mei Academy

During the Mei Academy we learn and grow as a whole. The program consists of several parts:

  • Mei Inside: monthly knowledge sharing on projects we are working on, to keep each other informed and inspired
  • Mei Outside: team excursions to inspiring projects
  • Mei Studio: organization-wide training on general topics, such as invoices and tenders
  • Courses: individual training to further develop professional skills