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Armando Reyna BIM expert

I work at Mei because I believe it is a studio that is willing to create milestones in the cities and communities they design projects for. When I came to Rotterdam, I could easily tell how the city was always celebrating innovation and tradition and Mei just happens to combine both in their projects as well.

My favourite building is Luis Barragán studio in Mexico City. The way Luis Barragán perceived colour and the integration of sunlight and landscaping, is breathtaking. The house itself is able to set an atmosphere in every room by just having a different colour on the walls and allowing certain amount of light at a certain point of the day. It is true translation of Mexican culture and richness.

I’m most proud of the international experience I’ve gained in airport design, design competitions, and technology integration for architecture, I believe there’s always a way to improve what we do, the way we move and the way we design, in order to future-proof our present.

Armando was born and raised in Mexico. He graduated with honours from Tecnológico de Monterrey in 2015 and started working at FR-EE studio that, at the moment, partnered with Foster and Partners to develop the New Airport for Mexico City. He was involved in the project at an early stage and represented both companies in BIM coordination related topics. In 2019, Armando came to The Netherlands to work at KAAN Architecten, to work on a new terminal at Schiphol Airport. He fell in love with Rotterdam’s vibe and decided to stay.