Ik work at Mei because I have always had a passion for architecture, mostly transformation projects. I like the concept of the existing building as a puzzle for which new solutions need to be created. At Mei I have the possibility to experience this process in the field.

My favourite building is Tate Modern in Londen.

I am proud of my year as a board member at SHS Delft (Stichting Herontwikkeling tot Studentenhuisvesting Delft). Together with three other students I transformed a vacant building into 150 student residences. I am also proud of the work me and my board colleagues did after the project finished and the search for a next project

Anneloes obtained her BSc. diploma in architecture at TU Delft. Currently she is enrolled as a master student in the master Architecture, also at TU Delft. Inbetween her bachelor and master studies she interned at the Rijksvastgoedbedrijf and joined the board of SHS Delft.