With over 25 years of knowledge and experience in both urban and architectural transformation projects, Mei architects and planners works on area developments with a strong distinctive character. A powerful area vision requires specific and smart solutions, which is why Mei creates value with a highly distinctive design that matches the assignment. The interests of the city, users and nature are key elements in this. By interweaving existing and new structures very precisely but robustly, we manage the spatial conditions that are necessary to create green, mixed and lively cities. The result is a future-proof and adaptive plan, with room for initiative and new insights.

Urban planning is never finished; the phasing in time and programme plays an obvious role in this. With our integrated approach, sustainability and mobility are also part of a plan. We also ensure it can be continuously tested for financial feasibility. Thanks to our knowledge of both urban planning and architecture, we have no problems working at different scale levels. Urban planning mass, building typology and human scale are always intertwined. The associated visual quality plans provide additional distinctive character in which architecture, public space and urban planning reinforce each other.

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Nederland, Zuid-Holland, Rotterdam, 23-05-2011;
Lloydkwartier, Mullerhoofd (Muellerhoofd) (r) en Sint Jobskade , met nieuwbouw. Het geblokte gebouw is de Zeevaartschool.
Hierachter loopt de Westzeedijk richting Schiedam.
Euromast aan de rand van Het Park. 
Verder in beeld op de achtergrond het centrum van Rotterdam, met het Weena (zwarte hoogbouw Delftse Poort , l) Dijkzichtziekenhuis  e(m) en de Erasmusbrug over de Nieuwe Maas. 
View on Rotterdam northwards. Urban renewal and modern architecture in a former harbour next to the Landmark Euromast. 
luchtfoto (toeslag), aerial photo (additional fee required)
copyright foto/photo Siebe Swart
Rotterdam, NL


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