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Spaardersbad completed

The transformation of the Spaardersbad in Gouda is completed! Six unique apartments surround the original pool, which is now a Mediterranean courtyard. Wooden boardwalks and bridges provide access to the homes, which are entered on the first floor. On this floor the living area of the apartment is situated. The homes are designed to have a loft quality. The high ceilings, up to five meters, and the restored steel construction contribute to this loft feeling. The high transparant inner facades surrounding the courtyard ensure ample daylight in the apartments. The bedrooms are situated on the more private ground floor, next to the courtyard and bottom of the basin.
Within the interior of the apartments, characteristic elements of the swimmingpool are maintained. At various places the original tiles are preserved; elements like changing rooms, clothing racks and stair railings are re-used; and in one of the apartments the diving board now functions as a bar. All homes have a private balcony at the courtyard, and a private garden.

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