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Sliding glass facades for De Generaal

The latest edition of the magazine Bouwwereld contains an interesting article about De Generaal, written by Josine Crone. The publication takes a closer look at the construction and transformation of the former tax office, which now houses 192 loft apartments.

“With a gross floor height of 3.10 meters, the office building lent itself well to conversion to housing. The tower has not been topped, but has been widened all around. (…) The basement walls had sufficient bearing capacity to accommodate new facade and floor extensions. (…) The extension not only resulted in more spacious and better apartments, but also had advantages for the outdoor spaces, because the existing floor edges were not strong enough to hang balconies on them. The extension could do that.”

Curious about all the challenges posed by the jackblock system, and the solutions applied in the General? The entire article can be read here (in Dutch).