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Schiecentrale Lofts

Mei commissioned interior photographer Peter Kooijman, who previously photographed all lofts in Jobsveem for the coffee table book Loft Interieurs St. Job, to make photos of the coolest and most extraordinary loft apartments in the Schiecentrale Rotterdam. Great to see how different all houses are. And they all breathe the true loft feeling: pleasure radiates from the photos!

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Credits: photo 1,2,3: Leanne & Martin – | 4,5: Roel de Vos – | 6,7, Hanneke & Wouter – interior by Martijn Soréee – BURO M2R, woodwork by Karts Hoogenboom – BuitenWesten  | 10: René & Renée Holthausen – interior by Mei, table by Okkehout | 8,9 Marijke & Theo – interior by Anouk Wilmering | 11: Leen Kooman, architect at Mei  | 13,14: interior by DOEN | 15,16: Hans Hunefeld & Linda Zoon