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SAWA mock-up is being built on site

This week, work began on the construction of the SAWA mock-up: a test assembly of the wooden SAWA structure. Various measurements will be taken with this mock-up in the coming period to further optimise the technical elaboration of SAWA.

All connections and technical junctions that will soon be realized in the building will be tested on site for, among other things, assembly speed and feasibility. In addition, various measurements will be taken in the near future with regard to airtightness and, for instance, vibrations and noise. This will answer questions such as: What is the sound spectrum of a vibrating washing machine and what is the best detailing to ensure that vibrations do not continue in the building?

This and more will be tested in the SAWA mock-up in the coming period. The mock-up is now being built next to SAWA’s construction site and will be completed in the coming weeks.

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Drawings are made by ERA Contour, and the mock-up will be realized by ERA Contour and Derix Group.

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