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Spaardersbad: Sale Starts

The sale of the loft apartments Mei designed in the Spaardersbad in Gouda will  start thursday evening September 14th. The location of this event will be the former swimming pool itself.

Living inside this monumental swimming pool is a unique opportunity. It is one of the last left 30s swimming pools in the country. By opening up the roof, plenty light will enter the building. And by filling the original pool area with greenery, a beautiful inner garden will arise that gives the building a Mediterranean atmosphere that is hard to find elsewhere in the Netherlands. Many elements will recall the building’s former purpose. The original tiles of the pool will remain, and inside the new entrance hall, the walls will be decorated with historic photos of the pool.

Mei architects and planners is curious to see who’s ready to take the plunge and live inside the former swimming pool. Visit the official website and facebook page for the sale of the residential units here: Here you can also browse through the brochure, containing all information about the project.

Watch the video teaser