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Rotterdam Architecture Prize – RAP010 Public Award

De Fabriek Delfshaven

De Fabriek Delfshaven on shortlist for Rotterdam Architecture Prize 2013!

This year’s theme is ‘Transformation: Long Live the Existing City’. The Rotterdam Architecture Prize, an initiative from the City of Rotterdam and organised by AIR, was created to stimulate the architecture climate in Rotterdam and improve the quality of the built and inhabited environment.

In addition to the jury prize there was a public prize for which everybody could vote for their favourite project on the shortlist. After a successful voting campaign, De Fabriek Delfshaven eventually finished in second place.

Some reasons offered by the public for their choice:

‘A shining example of the transformation of what for decades had been a dark eyesore into a radiant structure. A place of encounter for creativity that brings culture into the neighbourhood almost literally. A design by an architect who succeeds in crawling into the skin of a building and revealing what it in essence always was: a naked place made beautiful.’

‘Perfect balance in the preservation of original details, and design of a historical complex in combination with modern architecture.’

‘Old force combined with new functionality and openness.’

‘The addition of a contemporary layer strengthens what exists.’

Our thanks to everybody for their votes!