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Robert Winkel new chairman of Amsterdam Spatial Quality Commission

From 1 January 2023, ir Robert Winkel (1963) has been appointed new general chairman of the Spatial Quality Commission by the Amsterdam City Council. He succeeds Eric Luiten who was chairman from 2017 and has reached the end of his term.

“As general chairman of the Spatial Quality Commission, I believe it is important to work towards integral quality. All interests need to be weighed up as much as possible and included in the committee’s advice. This, of course, in cooperation with all stakeholders and committee members, who are all experts in their fields. This way, we can arrive at an independent opinion. This requires an active policy in that area. The discussion and decision-making process is transparent and public, and we will actively engage in bringing the considerations and advice among and to the people.”
– Robert Winkel

Robert Winkel was born in Amsterdam and since 2003 leads Mei architects and planners in Rotterdam, an award-winning firm specializing in the redevelopment of cultural-historical heritage, complex urban planning assignments, and innovative new-build concepts with a focus on sustainability and circularity.

He has extensive experience in quality advice in the public domain and was previously a member of the Amsterdam Commission on Spatial Quality, chairman of the Feyenoord City quality team in Rotterdam, and chairman of the Merwedekanaalzone quality team in Utrecht.

The Amsterdam municipal council sees Robert as a chairman who can make a strong substantive contribution to solving the major issues Amsterdam will face in the coming years, such as accelerated and large-scale housing construction and making the city’s existing districts more sustainable.

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The entrepreneurial architect Robert Winkel founded Mei architects and planners back in 2003. As an energetic foreman he inspires a team of about fifty designers and specialists. After studying Architecture…