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Watch: Robert Platje about Open Building

Many projects of Mei, such as the Schiecentrale 4B, Fenix ​​I and SAWA, have a high degree of flexibility in the broadest sense of the word. This is mainly achieved by applying the Open Building principles; a system that significantly increases the flexibility (and thus future-proofness) of a building and city. Robert Platje recently gave a lecture on how Mei uses the principles of Open Building. Watch the lecture below.

In the Open Building principles, developed by N. John Habraken in the 1960s, the main supporting structure does not consist of closed walls, but rather is an open structure of columns and beams. In this way, the building can constantly change its layout and offers space for various functions throughout the years. It is important here that various parts of the building – such as the main supporting structure, facade, installations and finish – are separated according to their lifespan, so that they can be replaced or repaired when necessary, while the building remains intact. Mei extends this philosophy to all aspects of the building, including the community and the program, to create maximum flexibility and user freedom.

On March 16, 2021, Robert Platje gave a lecture during The Infill Festival: Open Building NOW! In this presentation, he elaborates on the way in which Mei applies the principles of Open Building to various projects. The full lecture can now be viewed online.

Like to know more about Open Building? Check out the website for more information.

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