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Model Home with smart construction knot

Smart House combines the advantages of catalog building with the design flexibility of working with an architect. The millimeter is the module size. Therefor Smart House has best-of-both-worlds with a product that is fixed in time, price and quality.

Project info

Completed in 2004

Smarthouse B.V.

Model housing

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Due to smart construction knots with which the steel skeleton is built, the exterior dimensions, height and roof shapes – and don’t forget to mention the layout of the interior spaces – are entirely free to determine by the client. Also, the Smart House technique is such that the house easily can be expanded or reduced in size, if desired. All components can be re-used.

Bouwknoop van staal
Smarthouse constructie


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Realising a new building project with character? Work with Mei.

Iconic new buildings are created through extensive research into the existing qualities of the area.

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Schiecentrale 4B

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Staande foto van schiecentrale bij avondlicht. In de woningen branden lampen.