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De Nieuwe Hallen

Industrial heritage ensemble becomes dynamic living and working area

On the Melkwegstraat across the harbor in the Binkhorst district in The Hague, a distinctive industrial heritage ensemble: De Nieuwe Hallen is situated.

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In development

Duijnstede Beheer BV

234 residential units, small-scale work activity, catering facilities, bicycle and car parking

35.400 m2 GFA

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Characteristic halls

These industrial halls were built for the Hague entrepreneurs in the 1950s on behalf of the municipality, to stimulate the local economy and employment. The interest in this was great. The halls are still in their original state. The design of the ensemble, with office buildings at the borders (representative function) and industrial halls in the inner area, is unique. The ensemble is set up in such a way that a court structure has been created around the hall, special in scale and size. The construction with prefabricated concrete trusses and cassette ceilings is also very characteristic of the post-war construction method.

Luchtfoto van bestaande situatie
Existing situation in 2020 © Ossip van Duivenbode

Healthy living-work climate

Duijnstede and Mei developed this plan for the Nieuwe Hallen for a dynamic and healthy living and working climate. The plan is in line with the historical use and the existing quality of the industrial heritage ensemble, and with the innovative character of De Binckhorst. The program consists of homes, small-scale creative activities, catering, and an urban sports hall, which together ensure a lively atmosphere throughout the day.

The interior of the existing industrial hall will be designed as a common shared space for meet-ups, with space for small-scale catering. The raw character of the hall is embraced and only limited investment in insulation and comfort is required.

New-build volumes are positioned between the transformed halls, which match the existing buildings in size and scale. The tower volumes are designed in a stepped manner. This provides light, air and space in the plan area and offers opportunities to create spacious green roof terraces. The positioning of the treads is optimized for the best wind, insolation and noise results.

At ground level, the previously closed ‘island’ in the Binckhorst is open to everyone. Where possible, the fabric of the halls will be greened, and space will be made available for water storage. A ‘Binck spot’ is proposed at the rear of the plan area. This public area adds quality for the entire Binckhorst.

Thanks to the lively mix of living and working, the area is activated throughout the day. The specific character of De Nieuwe Hallen will attract a group of people with the same mindset, thereby forming a ‘community’.

De Nieuwe Hallen around 1958

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