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Neo-gothic basilica transforms into exceptional hotel and multifunctional meeting space

The Gouwekerk in Gouda is a protected monument in the heart of Gouda with a short history. It is a relatively young church, that dates to 1902, the time of the Catholic Emancipation. The church is an iconic landmark for the city as it is still the highest point of Gouda, about 80 meters. In recent years the church lost its religious purposes and now this beautiful characteristic Neo-Gothic basilica will transform in to an exceptional hotel combined with a multifunctional meeting space.

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White House Development

hotel, catering and meeting space

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The public interior, of enormous proportions with a height of about 20 meters, has a construction to get as much light in the church as possible. This spatial structure offers many opportunities for a multifunctional future that will consist of temporary and permanent programming. Events at national level such as theater, banquets, conferences and concerts will take place at this iconic location.

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A new building volume in the central nave will accommodate hotel rooms with views upon the beautiful and detailed church interior. The presbytery and sacristy will also transform into intimate and unique hotel rooms, as well as the the hood with spacious wooden trusses. The new building volume will add a new dimension to the spatial experience of the Gouwekerk. The hotel rooms in the volume provide an exceptional experience as they look out on the rich and detailed church interior.

The side aisles will remain open to preserve the spaciousness and visibility through the church and provide a clear routing and compartmentalization.


December 13, 2018

Interieur van de Gouwekerk, met gele en rode bakstenen en natuurstenen vloeren en pilaren
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New programme in existing building? Work with Mei.

Mei has great expertise in adaptive re-use.

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