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Bonner Flagge

Transformation of flag factory into comfortable living-working ensemble

The Bonner Fahnenfabrik, soon to be known as ‘Bonner Flagge’, which housed one of the largest flag manufacturers in Germany in the last century, is an important part of the industrial history of the former capital of the Federal Republic. Commissioned by Cube Real Estate, and together with Gaus Architekten, Mei is transforming the iconic factory into a modern living-work ensemble, while preserving its historic charm. By retaining the architectural style elements of the factory – a shared ambition of client and architect – the special history of the factory remains alive. In combination with the addition of three residential buildings, a new attractive place is created for the people of Bonn to meet, stay, live, and work.

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In development, start construction planned for Q3 2022

Cube Real Estate

30.000 m2 GFA

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The Bonner Fahnenfabrik is one of the most important foundations of Jewish entrepreneurs in Bonn. The company was founded in 1866 by Josef Meyer as a shop for decorative items and wallpaper. Over the years, demand for the production of flags increased and due to its success, the company moved in 1928 into the characteristic buildings, originally built as a barracks, at Römerstrasse 303-305.

The main building of the current factory complex is a former three-storey barracks of approximately 110 meters long, with a protruding dormer window in the middle and two corner towers overlooking the courtyard. From the highway, there is a striking chimney on the southeastern tip of the company site, with the recognizable white letters “BOFA”.

The ensemble is located directly on the A565 motorway, 450 meters from the Rhine. In the beginning, the complex stood free from surrounding buildings, but in the 1950s and ‘60s it was embedded and isolated from surrounding residential buildings. The transformation into a lively living-work area will reconnect the Bonner Fahnenfabrik to the adjacent part of the city.

Historische foto van de Bonner Fahnenfabriek

Bestaande situatie

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During the preliminary investigation, the entire complex was measured by means of a point cloud. As with many of Mei’s transformation projects, all the details of the building are uncovered and examined at an almost molecular level. This way, we know exactly what the construction can hold, where action must be taken, or what can be salvaged in the new design. At Bonner Flagge, this knowledge helps to preserve part of the historical content, so that the site can take on a new meaning.

Schematisch overzicht van nieuw programma

A pleasant living environment

User comfort, connection, sustainability, and atmosphere are key to the design of this redevelopment. Bonner Flagge will be a new central hotspot for residents and neighbors. To create the most healthy and pleasant living environment possible, the noise from the motorway is kept out and particulars are filtered. Facilities for shared mobility (such as a smart Bicycle Hub), possibilities for Urban Farming, and neighborhood-related small-scale facilities are at the service of residents, users, and residents. The program will consist of a mix of large and small companies, facilities, and a diversity of homes for different target groups.


December 14, 2021

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September 16, 2021

May 21, 2021

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