Rotterdam, Nederland


Rotterdams eerste volledig houten woongebouw van 50 meter hoog

Commissioned by Nice Developers & Era Contour, Mei architects and planners is designing "SAWA": a unique wooden residential building in the heart of the Lloydquarter in Rotterdam. Exceptional to SAWA is that the building will be built entirely in CLT (cross-laminated timber) and is therefore the first fully wooden residential building of 50 meters...

Rotterdam, NL

Fenix I

Fenix Lofts & Fenix Docks

Fenix I double winner at the Rotterdam Architectuurprijs 2019. Both jury and the public found Fenix I to be the best building of Rotterdam. With almost 45,000 m2 of mixed-use space, Rotterdam gained another bold and iconic building. Fenix I is not just an architectural landmark, but is also in technical terms a great work...

Delft, Nederland

Kabeldistrict Delft

Metamorfose van voormalige kabelfabriek

The Delft Kabeldistrict (cable district) is a distinctive contemporary urban expansion in which a business park is being transformed on a large scale into a vibrant living and working environment. The Kabeldistrict builds on existing qualities, activity and the industrial past of the existing large Cable Factory. The visible fusion of old and new...

Amsterdam, Nederland

Max & Moore

Spraakmakende werkgebouwen voor de pioniers van Buiksloterham

Max & Moore are two high-profile office buildings for the pioneers of Buiksloterham. The creative, productive entrepreneurs who consciously choose an environment in which collaboration is central, and recognize themselves in words such as pronounced, robust, chic, and healthy. The core values ​​of Mei are key to this: a healthy nature-inclusive environment, an aesthetic...

Gouda, The Netherlands

Gouda Cheese Warehouse

lofts in monumental cheese warehouse

Cheese Warehouse ‘De Producent’ in Gouda, the international famous Dutch Cheese Capital, experienced a spectacular transformation to residential lofts. Mei architects and planners together with White House Development initiated this successful development. In the heart of the building a spacious atrium is created, enclosed by 52 unique and sophisticated loft homes. Because of the...

Naro-Fominsk, RU

Silk Factory, Naro-Fominsk

Transformation of abandoned site into lively mixed-use area

Mei architects and planners developed a grand innovative plan to transform the site of the former Silk Factory in Naro-Fominsk, a city two hours driving from Moscow, into a lively area. The program of 50.000 m2 is mixed-use, a novelty in Russia, and will turn the abandoned industrial site into a vibrant small city...

Rotterdam, The Netherlands


Transformation of a modern business palace

Mei will breathe new life into the former Stokvis-building at the Westzeedijk in Rotterdam (better known as WEST507 or the Oceanhouse). Commissioned by Waterford Investments & Vervat Vastgoed, this national monument will undergo a transformation into a unique residential building. The building was originally built for the company firm Stokvis & Zn., renowned for their...

Den Haag, Nederland

De Nieuwe Hallen

Industrial heritage ensemble becomes dynamic living and working area

On the Melkwegstraat across the harbor in the Binkhorst district in The Hague, a distinctive industrial heritage ensemble: De Nieuwe Hallen is situated. These industrial halls were built for the Hague entrepreneurs in the 1950s on behalf of the municipality, to stimulate the local economy and employment. The interest in this was great. The halls...

Rotterdam, The Netherlands

McDonald’s Coolsingel 44

'world's fanciest McDonald's'

McDonald's invited Mei architects and planners to design a new pavilion on this spot with a character in keeping with the (renewed) Coolsingel and the rich historical surroundings. After a very fast construction time of two months a spectaculair new pavilion now shines in the heart of Rotterdam. Connection with the city The new building of...

Rijswijk, NL

De Generaal

transformation of office into residential building

The former headquarters of the Belastingdienst (Dutch tax authorities) in Rijswijk will be transformed into residential building ‘De Generaal’. Mei architects and planners developed a smart plan of the transformation of this centrally located office building into a flexible and sustainable apartment complex. With a new glass façade and an internal renovation the residential spaces...

Gouda, NL

Spaardersbad Gouda

Unieke loftwoningen in monumentaal zwembad

One of the last remaining 1930s indoor swimming pools in The Netherlands, the Spaardersbad, is located in Gouda. The pool owes its name (literally translated ‘Saving pool’) to the inhabitants of Gouda who collectively saved money during the crisis period (1933) to realize an indoor swimming pool. It is a unique building, created, preserved,...

Gouda, NL

Weeshuis Gouda

adaptive reuse of unique historical ensemble

This former orphanage is a unique collection of historic buildings in the centre of Gouda. The special listed monuments constitute a culturally and historically valuable location. The Orphanage ensemble is located in the oldest and most atmospheric part of the town, between greenery and other top monuments such as St. John’s Church. The rich...

Utrecht, The Netherlands

Residential tower ‘De Verkenner’

residential building

A new residential tower completed on Churchilllaan in Kanaleneiland, Utrecht, will give a big impetus to the development of this typical post-war reconstruction district. The new 50-metre-tall building, designed by Mei architects and planners, acts as a gatekeeper to Kanaleneiland. The tower contains a mixed programme of housing: 71 private sector rental dwellings in the...

Rotterdam, NL


from port area to vibrant center for creative industry

In and around the building of the former power plant on the Lloydpier in Rotterdam in Rotterdam, a vibrant area has developed for the creative and audiovisual industry, with business premises, TV studios, catering, shops and homes. The Schiehavencentrale from the beginning of the last century was an extensive complex that included a battery house,...

Rotterdam, The Netherlands


re-use of a national monument

The former warehouse and national monument Jobsveem, also known as St. Job, on the quay of the Lloyd Pier in Rotterdam, has been changed significantly. The warehouse was originally a substantial industrial building. The design by Mei architects and planners breathes new life into the old warehouse. Since its completion in 1913, the former warehouse had...

Almere, The Netherlands

Gnome Parking

car park

The Gnome Parking is part of the expansion of the city centre of Almere-Buiten. This plan feautures a lot of ‘green’ buildings and a clear urban structure. At an architectural level many experiments with innovative materialisation and new constructions have been made, like in the Gnome garage. The special façade of the garage contains...

Schiedam, The Netherlands

Bridge of Sighs

connection between two monuments

Jan Van Stigt Thans has been a regular client of Mei for over 20 years. Van Stigt Thans occupies a refined and stylish listed building on Lange Nieuwstraat in Schiedam. Robert Winkel carried out restoration work on the building as early as the 1990s. In 2003 Mei constructed a glazed addition on the ground...

Rotterdam, NL

De Lijnbaan

renovation of world famous reconstruction monument

Mei architects and planners won the architect selection in 2014 for the renewal of De Lijnbaan. De Lijnbaan is world famous as the first car free shopping promenade, designed in the Rotterdam reconstruction period by Van den Broek & Bakema. De Lijnbaan was designed as an exclusive shopping area with 70 luxury shops. In...