new residential building with active plinth at the Spuiboulevard in Dordrecht

In the upcoming years the busy Spuiboulevard in Dordrecht will change in an urban living environment. Commissioned by Van Pelt Ontwikkelt, Mei architects and planners designed a new sustainable building for healthy urban living on the spot of an empty office that has been established here for years. The new building will contain 53 apartments which can be arranged flexible on a commercial plinth full of activity: ‘De Johan van Beverwijck’.

Mei designed the building in three sculptural blocks on a lively plinth. The plinth is double-height, with generous entrance halls to the apartments. To connect well to the surrounding buildings, the façade at the Spuiboulevard side is divided in three connecting parts which differ in color and texture. A subtle varying depth effect in the masonry patterns will make the facades even more special. Horizontality and verticality alternate in the composition. The verticality in the masonry façades will be emphasized with façade openings that become larger the higher the building gets.

By taking a few ‘bites’ from the volume, some special accents have been created at the corners of the building. At the roundabout along the so called ‘red carpet’, which is the most important pedestrian route from the station to the city center, the sculptural corner creates extra space for a more open public space.

The south side at the Beverwijckplaats is more informal. The cascading façade on the sunny side, with a composition of balconies and generous terraces, shows that De Johan van Beverwijck is a real ‘people building’. The parking garage in the plinth gets a façade of perforated aluminium combined with a vegetation of wisteria and clematis. Mei models this project in BIM, together with the project consultants. The environmental permit has been granted in January 2018.

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