Transformation of former DCMR office in Schiedam into a healthy green residential building

Commissioned by SOM Nederland, Mei is working on the transformation of the former office building of the Environmental service DCMR in Schiedam. This building will be transformed into a pleasant residential building with more than 230 flexible apartments for young professionals: SCYE010.

The former DCMR office is a real 70s building, situated at the ’s-Gravenlandseweg in Schiedam. Characterized by horizontal windows and masonry parapets. The building has been vacant for years. After the transformation, rental houses will be developed for starters, but also for knowledge workers who want to live in the city. The floor layouts are flexible because of the existing column structure. The existing large storey height will give the homes a generous free height of three meters. This type of loft apartment is a new product in Schiedam and will add quality to the city.

The former building will be stripped and provided with new façades, in combination with rich detailed masonry alternated with high-quality aluminium cladding. The façade design at the ‘s Gravelandseweg is designed as a formal cityfaçade which responds to the scale and size of the environment. The original division in four parts has been retained, like the cascading descend towards the city centre. Subtle variations in the façade composition emphasize the individual apartments. The other façade at the ‘s Graveland was designed as a more informal residential façade, with cantilevering balconies and lots of greenery. Two new storeys are added to the existing building, one of them as a setback with terraces around.

Taking a healthy living environment into account, the building will have a lot of ‘green’. The existing parking garage, the balconies and the roofs will be generously provided with greenery. A collective outdoor space with a glass greenhouse for ‘city gardening’ will be placed on the garage deck. On the roof of the building is a common rooftop terrace where residents can enjoy the beautiful view.

A lot of opportunities for shared facilities are added in the active plinth, like a caretaker, shared living room, a coffee bar, possible flex-work stations and a launderette or a gym. In order to respond to changing forms of mobility and to stimulate the use of bicycles and electric cars, new mobility systems such as car sharing, bike sharing and charging points for electric cars have been integrated in the plan.

SCYE010 has a wide variety of housing types, such as garden houses, terrace houses, studios and roof apartments. The apartments can be flexibly arranged with a compact core containing bathroom, toilet and a spacious storage room. For example, it is possible to set up a sleeping niche and to create a living space over the entire width of the apartment.

Both the west side, with a view on the historic centre and windmills of Schiedam, and the east side, with a panoramic view of the skyline of Rotterdam, will have spectacular views. With high-quality insulation, heat and cold storage and no use of natural gas, this project is of course also very sustainable. Project SCYE010, with a name that refers to the former Schiedam (Scyedam), has a positive outlook: on a sustainable future for young professionals in Schiedam.