6 monumental villas

The former Military Hospital in Gouda is a national monument, originally built in 1870. It is a fine example of early 19th century architecture, with a large garden including monumental trees. The building counts two stories of 5 meters high, and an attic with so-called Philibert trusses, trusses made from trees that have grown crooked deliberately.

In the 70s the building is rebuilt as office for the state administration and got the inscription: Rijks-administratie. At that time an emergency staircase is added on the outside and the whole building is provided with lowered ceiling boards.

These later additions have been removed and the building is redeveloped with 6 luxury vertically linked villas (350-400 m2). The villas extend over four or five floors, from basement to attic. Buyers were able to choose their own customized interior. All homes also have a private outdoor space, besides the shared use of the large monumental garden.

Construction: October 2016 – October 2017


Photos: Ossip van Duivenbode, Jeroen Musch en Oscar van der Wijk

Rijksadministratie-Gouda_EN_meiarchitectsandplanners.pdf (8 MB) download