The former Gum Factory in Amsterdam, used by Maple Leaf for brands like Sportlife and Bubblegum, is transformed into a mix of work units for creative and extravert companies like Q-music radio and EMI. The building was originally built in the early 70’s and used for production and storage. Because of its function, the building had a heavy concrete and steel construction and a very closed façade. The façade is now provided with one or more huge bay windows at every floor to provide daylight and a view outside. The 6 meter storey height makes the interior of the work units very impressive. Due to the heavy construction it was possible to build an additional volume on top of the building. The roof pavilion contrasts in form and materials and functions as an eye-catcher and a catalyst for further development of the Gum Factory and neighbourhood.


Project sheet Gum Factory.pdf (4 MB) download