Rotterdam textile factory becomes residential

In 1920, the Confectiefabriek (factory for ready-to-wear clothing) from the brothers Groosjohan moved into the corner house at the Aleidisstraat and Jan van Avennesstraat in the Rotterdam neighbourhood Middelland. Now, almost a century later, there is little left of the original allure of this characteristic building. The verticality has largely disappeared and many characteristic details are missing.

The transformation proposal of the confectiefabriek by Mei plans to firstly renovate the outer façade. The original brick façade and flagpole above the majestic entrance will be restored. The windows and window-frames will retain their original colours, and vertical glazing bars will be added to the top windows.

To improve the transition of the building into public space, the implementation of greenery and front doors at street level will soothe the ground level junction. The hole in the street façade at the spot of the alley at the Jan van Avennestraat will be filled up with a new building volume containing two newly built houses.

The programme consists of 25 residential spaces in total, with an average size of 85 square meters. These accommodations will have loft-like qualities with big windows, plenty of daylight, and a significant floor height. On the roof, a number of loft-apartments with green roof-patios will be added. To enter the dwellings, the original and characteristic stairwell can be used.

The old factory will present a strong stimulus to the neighbourhood, both in its program offerings as well as in its expression.

(exterior impressions made by De Beeldenfanriek)