Green and healthy living in the Binckhorst

Mei architects and planners developed a plan for healthy and green living in combination with a social program on the location of the former Dutch Air Force headquarters, between the Trekvliet and Binckhorstlaan in The Hague.

Removing the current buildings will offer the possibility to continue the green zone ‘Long van Laak’ and connect it with the Trekvliet waterzone. The beautiful park around Binckhorst Castle can also be integrated in the plans. In this way a green route through the Binckhorst district can be realized with houses oriented on greenery and water.

The housing density decreases gradually from the Binckhorstlaan towards the water. High buildings along the Binckhorstlaan are useful for lowering the noise load in the area. Their plan consists of a large housing differentiation, suitable for three generations and including ‘talent housing’ for international talents. According to the applicable regulations part of the program will be social housing. In addition to the housing program, there is also a social program with temporary accommodation for companies, individuals and companies in the field of dance, music, sports and movement.