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Development Sluisbuurt starts with youth and student housing and university college

Monday, January 27, 2020, the municipality, Inholland and DUWO signed agreements for the construction of a collage building and 750-800 homes for young people and students. The development of this new neighborhood on the Zeeburgereiland will start around the end of 2020 and will take about two years to complete.

Construction councilor Laurens Ivens: “There is an enormous demand for affordable youth and student housing. It is fantastic that we can accomodate so many young people and students in this new neighborhood and that they will be the first residents of this area.”

Mei architects and planners designs the houses that are being developed by DUWO. These are mostly independent homes with facilities and commercial or social business premises on the ground floor. City campus academy Inholland merges almost all courses from Amsterdam and Diemen into one building in the Sluisbuurt, and creates an innovative ‘Campus at the IJ’. Eventually 7500 students will be studing here. Together, the buildings will form a sustainable open city campus, with a connection to district heating, solar panels on the roof and facades, and plants to prevent heat and to collect rain water.

The three plots are located near the future water basin, in the heart of the neighborhood. According to plan, Inholland will start construction in 2020 and completion is foreseen in 2022; DUWO is heading for a start in 2021 and completion in 2023. A total of over 5500 homes and facilities will be built in the Sluisbuurt and full development will take 10 to 15 years.